Our Team

“There are friends, there is family, and there are friends that become family.”


Heather is the driving force behind the creation of Light House. Most important to her is being a mom of two in a family that includes her daughter Zoey, who experiences life with Autism. She has spent over 10 years as a secondary school Special Education teacher devoted to supporting her students engage in meaningful learning unique to their needs but often found herself asking, what’s next for her students and her own daughter? In 2014, recognizing the lack of innovative services for adults with disabilities Heather decided to be a part of the solution. Her goal? To provide for her daughter and individuals in her community, meaningful and innovative opportunities to engage in continued learning, shared experiences and most importantly, the creation of lasting friendships with peers. With this trailblazing spirit, Heather founded Light House and has never looked back. The common ground she has with found and new friendships she has created with her fellow families has been an added bonus.


Cofounder of Light House is Kyle. His unique life experiences and a deep admiration for people who push boundaries inspired him to pursue a career path supporting individuals in our community. After realizing a shared vision he enthusiastically joined Heather in cofounding Light House. Kyle knows people thrive when provided different paths of learning and holds a strong conviction that every individual deserves a stage to confidently be themselves. He believes, If there’s one thing we learned from Harry Potter is the world needs more good rebels to make positive change in this world.


Light House wouldn’t be what it is today without the tireless dedication and commitment of our team. Their collective appreciation for the cultural foundation of LH which centres around the way we listen, understand and support folks is what sets us apart!


Unleash the power of being you and be a part of something different!

Join us in a vibrant community that values your opinions and supports your choices, creating meaningful connections and lasting friendships along the way.